Conditioning first, shampooing after?!

When my friend suggested conditioning my hair BEFORE I used shampoo I thought she had lost her mind.  I have really fine hair which means achieving any kind of volume is very difficult.  I have tried countless volumising shampoos, styling products, not using conditioner to no avail – I was so desperate for a solution I thought why not give this crazy reverse hair washing a go.

I wash my hair every other day, so I waited for a time when I didn’t have to leave the house – as I was convinced that my hair would look horrific afterwards.

It felt completely alien doing it backwards…  I wet my hair and applied conditioner as normal, left it on my hair for the recommended time and then rinsed.  I then used the shampoo as I would normally, shampooing and then rinsing thoroughly. I applied my styling products and dried as normal & I can tell you I was immediately impressed by the result.  I was convinced that my hair would feel course as it sometimes did when I just used shampoo, I was completely wrong, it felt so soft and looked shinier. Overall it felt much lighter and felt as though it had more movement.  The roots of my hair looked lifted and much bouncier than they usually did.  I could literally feel the difference.  Finally, a miracle had happened!!!

I have now changed my routine so I always condition first.  It took a lot of getting used to at first, but now I think it would feel strange to shampoo first.

Is anyone else a fan of the reverse hair wash?

M x


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