Banish ingrowing hairs & razor bumps!

We are in the throws of summer & if you are anything like me you will be wanting to get those pale pins out into the sunshine.  When you have nasty looking razor bumps and ingrowing hairs, you might not be so enthusiastic…

I have tried ingrowing hair solutions in the past but the Nad’s Ingrow Solution is the best I have found so far and great value for money.

The solution is made to ‘release ingrowing hairs’ and soothe irritated skin.  You apply the solution daily to the affected areas and within a week you should start to see the results.  I normally apply it before bed for silky smooth legs.

What I thought:

  • I would compare the solution to an antibacterial hand gel.  It has very lightweight texture which is quickly absorbed by the skin.
  • Unlike other ingrowing hair solutions there is a minimal smell to this – I think it smells like an antibacterial hand gel (again!)
  • My legs get itchy after shaving (even with moisturizing after).  Applying the Nad’s solution after shaving instantly soothed my legs and I had no itchyness!
  • After a week of use I had NO ingrowing hairs or red bumps on my legs 🙂

Have you tried this before?  Let me know what you thought.

M x


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